What is a Biodigester?

Biodigester is a sewage treatment plant by use of micro-organisms to degrade the waste. The effluent produced is near not offensive and suitable for discharge into soak-away trenches.

A Biodigester treatment plant provides an environmentally friendly alternative to septic tanks and cesspools and also eliminate the requirement of frequent exhausting. Our product provide for variable loading’s.


Our Bio-digester toilet technology, perfected by Wonder Innovations, is an eco-friendly and maintenance-free system to manage human waste.  We install in areas without municipal sewer, the system, rural areas, both at schools and individual households.

With the use of a combination of anaerobic bacteria, the system has been formulated and adopted to work at local temperatures.  It converts the organic waste into methane and carbon dioxide, which inactivates pathogens responsible for water-borne diseases.

The system comprises of a pre-fabricated bio-digester tank, inoculum, and associated items. Installation and commissioning can be done in 3 days.

The system costs approximately Kes. 100,000 for a household, although, the biodigester tank size would be commensurate with the number of users. The biggest advantage is that all the faecal matter is converted into liquid, which is pathogen-free, unlike the pit system which can contaminate the ground water. This water can be allowed to either seep into the ground or be collected for gardening, acting as an effective liquid fertilizer. The odour-free effluent water contains rich nutrients that can be used for gardening.